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India is known as the land of art and culture. Because of Diversified culture,In India every state has its own Tradition and Culture which is very different from other states’ culture. This makes India a very interesting place to visit.In a single country you will get the sense of visiting multiple countries.

You can experience Indian art and cultures during the festivals. In a word, these arts and culture are symbols of Indian culture and heritage.

India is also a perfect place for Nature Lovers.In the Mountains of India, nature makes you feel comfortable in a pleasant environment. Most of the foreign Travelers wanted to visit India for peace, silence and to enjoy the natural paradise in Mountains. Various waterfalls, lakes, rivers, mountainous places etc. are the center of tourist attraction.

India is the only place in the world where you will experience every aspect of life which compels everyone to come to India again and again. So when you are planning a trip, you can undoubtedly head to India.


World Heritage Sites

Ethnic Minorities


India Highlights




Madhya Pradesh

Suggested India Itineraries

Explore our India sample itineraries to inspire your travel planning. The itineraries can be easily customised and adapted to your personal interests and preferences.

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India is one of the fascinating destinations of World. Truly a traditional and cultural country which keeps everyone surprises. India is famous for Its diverse culture. Every state of India has its own culture and various tourist attractions. There are many Places in India that entertain tourists through natural wonders, history, architecture, spirituality etc.
India is known for its Scenic Beauty, Historical Sites, Desert Safari, City Tours, Beaches etc. India is the perfect place for wildlife & desert safaris, honeymoon places, nature resorts, adventure activities, spiritual sites, and historical places of India
Custom-made itinerary

When choosing a budget tour, travelers tend to have to follow a fixed itinerary that has been used for several tours for years without any updates. In contrast, with India Luxury Tours, every detail is designed based on your requests. You can add any wanted destinations to the plan and adjust the schedules and times to fit your own timetable.

Premium services

Tourists who take India luxury tours will get served with premium services. You get what you pay for, so once you have paid quite an amount, you are deemed to receive the equivalent services. You will be staying in luxurious accommodation, having scrumptious delicacies, renewing yourself with top-notch massage services, and so on. The excellent services that luxury tours would offer could satisfy even the most discerning travelers.

Unique Experiences

Rather than traveling the same routes and seeing the same things as other tours, India luxury tours would offer you authentic experiences all throughout your trip. Our travel experts work non-stop to find new things to add to the program, promising to make your trip one-of-a-kind. Exceptional personal services Having a luxury tour package, visitors will benefit from the 24/7 personal services from the tour operator. You will be taken care of wholeheartedly before, during, and after your holiday. Our staff is always ready to support whenever you are in need of us.

One-of-a-kind experiences

A luxury India tour would take travelers to the most distinguished highlights of India, namely the Taj Mahal (One of Seven Wonders of Worlds), Gods On Land – Kerela, Land of Beaches and Parties- Goa, Heaven on Earth- Kashmir and Lands of Forts and Lake – Rajasthan. More are ready to be offered, as long as you note with us.

Private luxury transportation

Everything in a luxury trip should be luxurious, and transportation is not an exception. Tourists will transit from the airport to the hotel or from one destination to another all by luxury vehicles. You will not have to share spaces with strange people or worry about the careless driver.

At Realistic Asia, you can request for any means of transportation you desire. We have wide arrays of vehicles, from the standard cars to luxurious vans, cruises, helicopters, and even more.

First-class accommodation

Where you stay is exceptionally important as it would decide the quality of your sleep. With luxury India tours, you will stay in first-class hotels and resorts that have spacious rooms with full amenities, top-notch services, and superb spa & massage. The travel consultant will do research about every hotel carefully in advance to make sure you will have a wonderful stay without any dissatisfaction.

Delight culinary

A trip to any places can never be complete without sampling the delicacies of this land. Going on a luxury trip, you will be introduced with many appetizing traditional Indian foods such as Dosa, Samber, Indian Curry, Rajasthani Thali,etc. Not only are the dishes heavenly tasty, but they are also of good quality so tourists won’t need to worry about hygiene and food safety.

Top-notch customer service

Everywhere you go, you will be served with excellent customer services. From the sales staff of the tour operator, the waiter at a restaurant, a bellman at your resort, to the guide at the touristic spots, all will welcome you with their nicest smiles. They are always more than happy to be of service, ensuring to make you feel like a Royal Guest.

Travel like a local

A tour operator that really knows about the place you are going to fly to might give you the chance to experience the day like a local. A normal tour would only take you to the primary tourist destinations that have been well-known worldwide, but a luxury tour package would include more than that. How about a hideaway at a less-known island? Or a trek deep into the jungles to follow the traces of the elephants? These are not regular things that lots of travelers know to try.

Less prone to scams and fraud thanks to tips, tricks, reviews
Very soon before your departure, the travel consultant would give you essential advice on everything necessary during the trip. This is a treat that you can rarely get when taking a shared budget tour.

Furthermore, taking a India luxury tour also means there will be a private tour guide accompanying you everywhere you go. The guide must speak your language and Local language well in order to make your journey much easier. You will hence no longer need to worry about being cheated or getting lost.

In no rush (flexible schedule)

Unlike backpacker tours when travelers need to rush to follow the fixed and dense schedule, luxury tours give you more time. Even when you are at any tourist Destination and suddenly want to skip the next destination just to stay there longer for the sunset, that’s ok. Everything is designed to fit your own requirements, so everything is possible to adjust. You don’t have to be afraid of offending other tourists, as it is your tour.

Choosing a reliable luxury tour operator is the key to your trip. Whether your holiday is nice and successful depends largely on who you are going with. Realistic Asia, with 10 years of experience in providing luxury trips to India, is a worth-considering choice.


The first and foremost benefit of booking trips with a luxury tour operator in India is the privacy you would get. A tailor-made program will be designed for your group only. In other words, it is not a shared tour, so you won’t need to go with any strangers. It would give you a sense of privacy and security.

Personal support 24/7

Our customer service is available 24/24. The customer service staff is ready to support at any time. Should there happen any problems during the trips, tourists can contact the staff directly to get support.

Extensive consultation

Even when you have no idea about the destination you are going to visit, you can definitely have a smooth trip with the extensive consultation from the experienced sales staff and consultants from the luxury tour operator in India. They understand this country well, thus being a reliable source of information to lay your trust on.