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Laos is one of the best-kept secrets in Southeast Asia. For many its old fashioned charm and mighty Mekong river make it the highlight of Indochina. With its slow, peaceful pace of life and a burgeoning tourism sector, Laos offers the perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of modern life. It’s a feast for the senses, with stunning landscapes, rare wildlife and magnificent colonial architecture just waiting to be explored.

Vientiane, the sleepy capital, is an entrancing mix of French colonial architecture and Buddhist solemnity. Everything in Vientiane can be explored on foot, which makes it easy to get under the skin of the local culture.

Despite a tiny population, the country is hugely diverse with half of the population living in small hill-tribe villages. These are at their best in the undulating hills of Northern Laos, it’s here you’ll find some of Southeast Asia’s most untouched communities colorfully adorned in their unique dress.


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Explore our Laos sample itineraries to inspire your travel planning. The itineraries can be easily customised and adapted to your personal interests and preferences.

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Many different factors can be attributed to Laos’ unique culture. One of these is that the nation has one of the lowest population densities in all of Asia. Laos also recognizes a large number of ethnic cultures and more than 80 languages spoken within its mountainous territory. Buddhism has a strong influence over daily life, and the Lao people are known for their reserved and content attitude.

Some of the most interesting Lao festivals are unique to small localities. When planning to travel to Laos, contact your travel consultant to see if any local festivals will occur during your itinerary. Some of the larger festivals in Laos are celebrated nationwide:

Boun Pi Mai: This is a traditional celebration of the Lao New Year that usually falls in mid-April. Houses and pagodas are cleaned and decorated in preparation and during the celebrations people joyfully throw water on each other to wash away the old year and bring good luck for the new year.

Buon That Luang: This festival is centred on the That Luang Stupa in Vientiane, which is believed to contain bones of Buddha. The holiday is marked in the capital by parades, almsgiving and votive offerings.

Dress code

As Cambodia is the sacred land with numerous temples, it is important for tourists to dress properly when visiting this country. It is better to pay much notice to your dress code, especially when you are women. Nowadays, people might be acquainted with wearing shorts and skirts everywhere you go. In addition to the fact that Cambodia is a holy land, the people in Cambodia are quite conservative, and they would never thumb up if seeing you wearing revealing clothes. Hence, try to cover your skin as much as possible.

It is better to be culturally respective, so put on a long pant or dress that below your knees and avoid tank top/ strapless/ spaghetti top when coming out, especially when you go to the temples.

Special religious etiquette (exercise gratitude, etc.)

Showing respect and gratitude towards the locals is a great way to gain trust and friendship. Cambodia people feel lucky for everything they have, and there is almost no complaint no matter how worse their situation is.

Additionally, you should show respect to elder people and the religious practicers (like monk and nun). Just a prayer-like gesture is enough.

Face-saving etiquette

Not only Cambodia but other Asian countries values face-saving etiquette. It is considered unacceptable to lose one’s face in front of other people; hence, avoid criticizing or shouting at others when you are in public.

It is never a wise thing to lose your temper. Try to keep calm and hang on your smile to make people respect you.

Notice your hand and feet

These are little yet important protocols to practice when traveling to Cambodia. The locals consider the head as the most sacred part of the human’s body, so don’t touch it. In contrast, feet and left hand are believed to be the dirtiest; thus, do not use your left hand to shake other’s hand or point your feet at them. Remember to remove your shoes before going to sacred places like temples and sanctuaries, also.

In order to avoid cultural offense and show respect to the local culture, it is important to dress properly. Followings are some tips that travelers should notice:

Take off your shoes and headcovers when entering a sacred place

Leave your shoes, sandals, and hats behind if you are about to enter the temples. If you feel putting on and off your sneakers waste too much time and effort, use flip-flops instead. You will walk a lot and need to remove your shoes quite often, so try the most convenient one to put on.

In general, there are no serious health or safety risks when traveling in Vietnam. However, it never hurts to take precautions. Please consult your healthcare provider to see if they recommend any vaccinations or other medications when traveling.

In large cities and other crowded areas, be mindful of your belongings such as cameras, mobile phones and wallets/purses.

The Lao Kip (LAK) is the national currency and the current exchange rate with the US Dollar is 1USD = 8,970 LAK (as of April 2020). ATMs are available in larger cities and popular tourist destinations, and many of them work with overseas ATM cards. Some larger hotels and shops in cities also accept credit cards, and this method of payment is becoming more common. Keep in mind that some merchants may charge small fee and that international transaction fees may apply.

The Lao postal system can mail letters and postcards worldwide for reasonable rates. International shipping companies such as FedEx, UPS and DHL are available in Laos as well if there is a need to ship something quickly.

SIM cards for mobile phones are cheap and widely available. Short term data packages for mobile phones are very inexpensive and easy to set up. Get in touch with your travel consultant to arrange a SIM if you wish to use your mobile phone upon arrival.


Flexible itinerary

One of the reasons that make a tour become a luxury one is a flexible itinerary.  In normal tours, you have to follow the available itinerary, however, on a luxury tour, you have the right to create a tour that is suitable to you the most. When you visit Laos, instead of visiting Luang Prabang or Savannakhet as every tourist does, you can choose to travel to less popular places such as Muang Sing or Phongsali. Besides, the flexibility is not only in the freedom to choose places but also in choosing transport, accommodation, and food.

Personal Support

Luxury tour operators mostly give 24/7 personalized support. Some normal tour agents just serve in office time, which is always an obstacle for tourists because of time difference. With a luxury operator, you can call any time whenever you feel inspired to travel. In addition, during tour time, you are still given personal support for any change in traveling plan, or if you have any problem or wonder, one dedicated agent is always willing to help you.

Unique Experience

Realistic Asia always considers each tour is for a particular guest, therefore, there is no common tour that is made for everyone. Indeed, you have chance to create or require to create a unique tour based on your demand and interest.

Premium services

Realistic Asia will never disappoint you with premium services. From a standard car to a helicopter, you can draw your dream trip and let us make it real! You can require a private yacht, cruise to sink yourself in the beauty of marvelous beaches or choose a 16-seat Mercedes Benz or a luxury train to deeply immerse yourself in magnificent mountains.

Authentic experience

Laos is a place famous with ancient and holly temples and pagodas. If you are a person that is interested in discovering religions, Laos will satisfy you from your first sight. Visiting Laos in a luxury holiday, you will have chance to enjoy 2 into 1. One side is a very ancient pagoda that has lived for hundreds years, one side, you will be live in a modern and deluxe life with our luxury services.

Private & luxury transport

Privatization is one of the first reasons that decides travelers to choose a luxury trip. Therefore, a private vehicle is an indispensable condition. Private standard car as usual or a private luxury transport such as cruise, yacht or a helicopter to get to your destination are all your choice.

Services – Incredible services for your luxury holiday

24/7 Concierge service is a point that will impress you. Every time you need help, Realistic Asia will always be ready to support you.

High-end accommodation

Realistic Asia will directly research areas, and evaluate all accommodation to find the best hotel and resort for you. Moreover, because of longstanding relation with supplier, we ensure that you will get competitive prices but high-quality accommodation.

Superb food

If you are the one who is attracted to new cuisine, Laos traditional food will be available in your table as long as you request. However, if you miss your country’s food, the great chef from Realistic Asia will bring your taste to come back home.

Unique experience

A unique experience is an experience that no one has tried before, which is now no longer a distant thing if you create your own trip. Discovering Laos special foods such as milk buffalos or trying crossing bamboo bridge and thousands of unique things are waiting for you in a luxury tour.

Lower scams

In a private luxury tour, you are always fully equipped with knowledge and local review before taking part in your trip. Local experts and knowledgeable staffs always accompany with you to provide tips tricks to avoid any common scams that may happen to you. Therefore, you will know how to prevent scams with useful tips and excellent tricks.

Flexible timeline to explore off the beaten path places

When you own a luxury tour, you are the boss of your timeline. Besides discovering the Laos famous places, you can require luxury tour operator to explore unusual places to make you trip become more memorable.


Many travelers stick a tour with “travelling with many strange people”. However, in a luxury tour, your privacy is the biggest concern of a luxury tour operator. Because of being a tailor-made tour, the tour operator will put your privacy on top. You will be provided from private transport to private accommodation.

Advice from local experts

Your trip cannot be perfect without local experts. Why? Because they are the one who is knowledgeable the most about all destinations. With travelers who prefer off the beaten path places, local expert can take them to hidden places that even have not found in social media. They not only help you to find your most suitable places but also give you many advices to avoid scams and enjoy your trip. Moreover, they know clearly about accommodation and food, therefore, describe your hobby and demand and the local experts will handle the rest!

24/24 personal support

Unpredictable things may happen or some ideas are being fleeting insides your head during your trip. As a result, the 24/24 personal support is very necessary. Every time when you need help, dedicated agent will not let you wait.

Laos’s weather is divided into 2 seasons: dry season and wet season. The rainy season starts from May and ends at October. Maybe you love hearing white noise – rains, but rain can make a real mess when the road becomes slippery and dirty, which may obstruct your trip.

If you love basking, you can visit Laos in summer time. However, in March, April, May and June, the weather is extremely hot with temperature from 35°C and above. If you still eagle to explore Laos in summer, you can travel to the north for slightly cooler weather.

The best time that many tourists choose to visit Laos is from November to February. In this time, it is warm and dry, which is an ideal time to explore Laos. In the daytime, the temperatures are agreeably fresh and warm, evenings are a little bit cooler. Laos is covered by green, especially in the countryside and natural places. January and February are suggested time to travel on the river. The wave of river is gentle, the water is fresher and the feeling of daily life at the bank of the river is more tranquil.